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Home Inspection FAQ

Have questions about home inspections? We have answers! Read through the Frequently Asked Questions below and if you still are wondering about something, feel free to contact us.

Typically, you should call as soon as your agreement has been signed. The Inspection Contingency section of your signed agreement will state the inspections that were agreed upon and the number of days you have to get the inspections completed and respond to the sellers.

To begin, we will ask you to provide us with the Address of property, Contingency period or Report Due Date and Agreement Approved Inspections. We will also ask for a few additional details about the property in order to give you an accurate quote for the inspections being ordered.

We will take care of everything pertaining to the inspections ordered through Efficient Home Inspections, LLC.

  1. We gain confirmation for the day, time and type of inspections we will be performing from the homeowner through the proper channels.
  2. Once confirmed, we will send you a confirmation email.
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to your Realtor/Agent to let them know the date and time of your inspections.

Yes! In fact, your presence is highly recommended to get the most out of your home inspection. This is your opportunity to observe the inspection process, ask questions and learn more about the condition of the home and how to maintain it. Your participation is invaluable in getting to know your prospective home and gaining a better understanding of your Inspection report(s).

We will have the access information needed to gain entry into the home to perform inspections.

On average home inspections can last 2 – 3 hours. Much depends on factors such as size of home, components of property, findings and client participation. We believe in scheduling inspections with ample time allotments, allowing clients to take their time without time constraints.

Mark welcomes questions! This is your opportunity to learn about the home you are having inspected. He has a wealth of experience and helpful information he is looking forward to sharing.

Absolutely! We can walk you through your home and provide recommendations on items or areas that may need repair or replacement prior to putting your house on the market.

Yes! Call us to schedule.

Radon can penetrate a slab on grade (no basement) just as it can penetrate a slab floor in a basement. Radon is still a risk in homes without a basement.

The Home Inspection fee is determined by size of property as well as age, location, components & other variables. Call us for a free price quote.

Yes – we prefer this method; although, we do accept major credit cards as well.

Our inspector, Mark, is as thorough as possible while being respectful of homeowner’s personal property. He will test accessible windows, doors, electrical outlets, lights, permanently installed appliances, etc. He runs water, flushes toilets and checks any visible plumbing, electric and where exhaust fan venting terminates. If a roof is safely accessible, he will be on it to perform a close-up inspection. These are a few examples of what a visual home inspection entails.

An inspector can only report on what can visibly be seen during the time of the inspection under the weather conditions of inspection time frame. We cannot report on what we cannot see, for example, plumbing or electrical that is hidden behind walls or under insulation, areas under carpets, behind furniture or stored items, shingle condition when covered with snow, etc.

Reports are generally emailed within 24 hours of your inspections; most times delivered the same day of the inspection.

Accepted Payments

We accept checks, cash and most major credit cards.

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